House passed employment discrimination bill.
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House passed employment discrimination bill.

Date: February 9, 2012
By: Ashley Hartman
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 1219

Saint Louis City Representative says bill passed by House regarding discriminatory employment practices will be shot down.
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Wrap: Democratic Representative Jamilah Nasheed strongly opposed the bill, but argued that its passage in the House meant nothing.

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Description: "This bill will go down in flame once it gets down to the governor's desk."

Nasheed says the House should focus on other issues facing the state.

Supporters said the bill would ease burdens on small businesses.

Nasheed says bringing jobs to the state of Missouri and passing legislation regarding quality education are matters that the House should discuss. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 

A heated debate led to the passing of a bill that changes workplace discrimination laws.
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Wrap: After one hour of debate, Missouri's House of Representatives passed a bill that would change the laws about unjust discriminatory employment practices.   

Opponents argued that this bill would make it easier to get away with segregation and discrimination. 

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Description: "The law was fair. It mirrored the federal law. This bill 1219 takes us back to that sane, S-A-N-E, standard."

House Majority Floor Leader Tim Jones explained how this bill aims at eliminating the issues of excessive litigation within small businesses. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 

Missouri House Representative argues on the behalf of employers during the debate on the newly passed discriminatory employment legislation.
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Wrap: On the House floor Thursday morning, two representatives got in a heated debate regarding an employment discrimination bill.

The two argued about employees filing lawsuits against their employers based on discriminatory practices in the workplace.   

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Description: "If somebody is dismissed from a position because of performance or due process or reasonable cause, they could sue and say I wasn't fired because of my performance. I was fired because I'm a member of a minority."

Missouri Republican Representative Jeff Grisamore spoke out about the actuality of the proposed legislation and said opposers implied that supporters of the bill were racist.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 

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