State representatives criticize Nixon for faulty budget process.
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State representatives criticize Nixon for faulty budget process.

Date: February 21, 2012
By: Ashley Hartman
State Capitol Bureau
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Missouri representatives attacked the Nixon administration on how they are running the state budget.
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Wrap: State Budget Director Linda Luebbering faced heavy criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

House Budget Chair Republican Ryan Silvey had strong words for the Nixon administration on how they manage state funds.   

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Description: "I hesitate to say this, but it sounds like you're running the government like Enron."

The issue is the governor's practice of withholding state funds after they had been appropriated by the General Assembly.

Luebbering defended the governor saying there are too many moving parts within the budget to immediately release those funds.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 

The governor's budget was under fire during a budget committee presentation on Tuesday.
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Wrap: State Representatives criticized the governor's budget director for a misleading budget proposal at the House Budget Committee Hearing. 

Specifically, representatives were critical of Nixon's projections to raise revenue to maintain a balanced budget.

The program would provide a grace period for tax payers to pay up any outstanding taxes.

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Description: "You'll see the fifty one point eight million that would be generated, estimated to be generated by the Tax Amnesty Bill."

The plan has yet to be approved by the General Assembly and failed to pass twice last year. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 


A State representative questioned where the proposed budget funds will be allocated during a House Budget Committee hearing.
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Wrap: Democratic Representative Genise Monticello requested clarification on the commitment of funds going to the programs that have been restricted by Gov. Nixon. 

Republican Representative Ryan Silvey also questioned the State Budget Director Linda Luebbering on how the legislature can ensure those funds reach their destination.

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Description: "So there's no way to hold you accountable to funding the legislature's priorities even when the revenue exists in the stream."
Luebbering explained how the state government can only spend what is appropriated and only restricts if there were concerns about incoming revenue. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 

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