Nearly 400 people filed for public office Tuesday.
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Nearly 400 people filed for public office Tuesday.

Date: February 29, 2012
By: Sarah Duffey
State Capitol Bureau
Links: The district maps.

The Senate sponsor for China Hub could face opposition from his own party in this year's election.
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Wrap: Opposition is from St. Louis Republican Senator Lembke who has yet to file for a Senate seat, because he's waiting for the approval of the new district map.

Lembke says he's assessing districts where he is most likely to win, and filing for the fifteenth district is an option.

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Description: "I would consider filing for a different district and if we after making the assessment of the new map and the new first district if we believe that it's not winnable then I have the option to file for the 15th for instance, and I would consider it.

But this would mean he'd be running against fellow St. Louis County Republican Senator Eric Schmitt.

Schmitt was unavailable for comment.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Sarah Duffey


St. Louis County Republican Senator Jane Cunningham didn't just file for public office, she filed a lawsuit too.
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Wrap: The lawsuit challenges the redistricting maps.

Cunningham says she wants to avoid running in the now Kansas City based district, which originally is in St. Louis County.

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Description: "I'm challenging it right now, I think there's some major constitutional questions and problems, that'll come out I guess in the courts and it's unfortunate that were in this situation because all it does is raise costs of this litigation, costs and time."

Cunningham says she doesn't expect to end up in the Kansas City district, and will get the seventh district back where it belongs.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Sarah Duffey.

The state's redistricting maps are still up in the air but that didnt stop nearly 400 people from filling for public office.
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Wrap: St. Louis County Republican Senator Jane Cunningham for example filed for office in her old district even though district seven is now in Kansas City.

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Description: "My intention is to run in my district I filed for it yesterday because the 2001 map right now is frankly the only official map we can file for, so I did that."
Cunningham says she will fight to keep district seven where it is now, and does not expect the new map to be approved.
Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Sarah Duffey.

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