GOP candidates kick off two-day bus tour across Missouri
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GOP candidates kick off two-day bus tour across Missouri

Date: November 1, 2012
By: Christine Roto
State Capitol Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri GOP candidates are campaigning across the state on a bus tour for the last few days before the election. The group is referring to the tour as the "Comeback Victory Tour."

The event included gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence, attorney general candidate Ed Martin, secretary of state candidate Shane Shoeller, Congressman Blaine Luektemeyer and state treasurer candidate Cole McNary.

Martin introduced each candidate that spoke at the event and at one point said Spence was the "Mitt Romney of Missouri."

"I think it's the final phase to finally take back Missouri from special interests, from side deals, from career politicians, and people that don't have the best interests of Missourians and 114 counties in mind," said Spence.

Isaac Wright, spokesman for the Missouri Democratic Party, said the Democratic candidates are not having a bus tour, but are campaigning individually throughout the state.

Notable faces that were missing included U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin and incumbent Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. Throughout the election, the Akin and Kinder campaigns have had to contend with controversial issues emerging from either their statements or past actions.

Spence said Akin and Kinder were only unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts.

"There are no black helicopters flying around, there's no hidden agenda, there's no nothing," Spence said. "Everyone has their own schedule and this is when the people could meet."

Kinder's spokesman said Kinder had prior commitments on Thursday, but he plans to meet up with the tour in St. Louis on Friday.

Akin's campaign was unable to be reached for comment.



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