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Santorum Campaign

Date: February 6, 2012
By: Cole Karr
State Capitol Bureau

On the eve of what some call a "beauty contest," the Santorum Campaign sees the Missouri Primary as important, despite a low projected turn out.
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Wrap: Rick Santorum has been the only Republican presidential candidate to campaign in Missouri this election season.

The Santorum campaign's National Communication Director Hogan Gidley says it's important for a candidate to go into areas where they may not be popular.

Gidley says Missouri is a great representation on how the country will vote.

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Description: Missouri is a microcosm of the Unites States. I mean it's got it's wide range of people, a wide range of opinions of issues.

Rick Santorum has visited the state on two occassions... making five campaign stops ahead of the February seventh Missouri Primary.

Reporting from the state Capitol... I'm Cole Karr.

23-Percent voter turnout is expected in the state primaries Tuesday. But, the Santorum campaign sees an opportunity in Missouri's non-binding primary.
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Wrap: The Santorum campaign is eye-balling an opportunity they have not yet had in the 2012 election cycle.

Newt Gingrich will not be on the state G-O-P primary ballot.

National Communications Director for the Santorum Campaign... Hogan Gidley... says Gingrich's absence leaves open a chance for the Santorum campaign to prove themselves as the conservative alternative to front-runner Mitt Romney.

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Description: For the first time, in the state of Missouri, we'll basically have a head-to-head match up with Mitt Romney. And, I know that Newt Gingrich had two chances to have a head-to-head against Mitt Romney in Nevada and Florida, and lost both pretty bad.

The Romney and Gingrich campaigns were unavailable for contact.

Reporting from the state Capitol... I'm Cole Karr.

Some Missouri lawmakers call the non-binding state Republican primary an embarrassment. .,..
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Wrap: Democratic House Minority Leader Mike Talboy is calling February Seventh's state G-O-P primary an embarassment.

Talboy says primaries are better than caucuses... but it is unfortunate that Missouri's non-binding Republican primary will be only a dress rehersal for the March 17 Caucuses.

Talboy doesn't take the state's estimated 7-to-8 million dollar price tag lightly.

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Description: I think this is embarassing enough for everybody in Missouri and every politian that's out there. They should be embarassed that we have to spend that much in state resources on something that doesn't count.

Saint Charles Republican Representative Mike Parkinson sponsors one of the recent bills to stop the Missouri primary.

He later backed off after realizing the decision would affect more than just the Republican Party.

Reporting from the state Capitol... I'm Cole Karr.

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