Gun Sticker Placed on Senators' Doors
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Gun Sticker Placed on Senators' Doors

Date: January 24, 2012
By: Sherman Fabes
State Capitol Bureau

Cross hair stickers were placed on the doors of the Democratic Senators' doors this afternoon in the Missouri Statehouse. Sherman Fabes has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: Crosshair stickers were placed on the doors of at least five Missouri State Senators this afternoon.

Their connection --- All were Democrats.

The stickers were placed on the name plates between 12 and 1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.

Republican Senator Kevin Engler says these actions should not be tolerated.

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Description: "That's no way to get your point across. It's disgusting."

The reason for the stickers' placement is unknown at this time and the Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the incident after Senate leadership had alerted them.

From the Capitol, I'm Sherman Fabes, Newsradio 1120 KMOX.

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