MU Curators nomination blocked.
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MU Curators nomination blocked.

Date: February 2, 2012
By: Mary McGuire
State Capitol Bureau

A Senate filibuster blocked Columbia Attorney Craig Van Matre's appointment to the MU Board of Curators.
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Wrap: Several Republican Senators filibustered Columbia Attorney Craig Van Matre's nomination to confirm him as a member of the MU Board of Curators.

Their concerns stemmed from an editorial Van Matre wrote where he implied that Missouri Right to Life controls the Missouri Republican Party.

Republican Senator Kurt Schaefer of Columbia withdrew Van Matre's name after facing strong opposition.

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Description: "After Senator Lembke had clearly shown he has over 8, I think its 10 senators, lined up to filibuster, its clear you can't break a 10 person filibuster."

Its unclear what Governor Jay Nixon will do next.

Reporting from the State Capital, I'm Mary McGuire.

MU Curators appointment vote blocked by Senate filibuster Thursday.
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Wrap: A vote that would have confirmed Columbia attorney Craig Van Matre to the MU Board of Curators was blocked after a filibuster by several Republican senators.

Multiple Senators cited an editorial by Van Matre where he called members of the General Assembly "minions" and "religious zealots".

Saint Louis County Republican Senator Jim Lembke says every Missourian has the right to free speech, but also must deal with the consequences of their statements.

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Description: "If someone choses to abuse that freedom of speech, they are going to be responsible for it."

Republican Columbia Senator Kurt Schaefer withdrew Van Matre's name after the filibuster.

The future is unclear of what Governor Jay Nixon will now do.

Reporting from the State Capital, I'm Mary McGuire.


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