Nixon's Vetoes Face Legislative Review
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Nixon's Vetoes Face Legislative Review

Date: September 5, 2012
By: Wes Duplantier
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB1329, SB749

Missouri lawmakers return Wednesday to take up legislative vetos by Gov. Jay Nixon.
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Wrap: Insurance coverage for contraception is expected to be among the hotly debated vetoes by the governor.

The measure would give employers and insurance companies the right to refuse to cover contraception or abortion or sterlization.

The week before the veto session, the governor stood by his decision:

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Description: Nixon says the legislation puts insurance companies between women and their doctors.

Also before lawmakers is Nixon's veto of a bill to reimpose sales taxes on cars purchased from sellers other than Missouri auto dealers.

From the State Capitol, I'm Wes Duplantier.

If you bought a car from outside Missouri recently, you could have a big tax stake in the legislature's veto session this Wednesday.
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Wrap: House member Ryan Silvey, a Kansas City Republican, said he will ask the House to override a veto of a bill that would allow the state to collect local sales taxes on purchases from sellers other than Missouri auto dealers. That tax money would go to city and county governments.

Richard Sheets is the Deputy Director of the Missouri Municipal League. He said struggling municipalities need the revenue.

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Description: Richard sheets, the deputy director of the Missouri Municipal League, says cities and counties need to collect taxes on some car sales retroactively.

Also before lawmakers is a bill dealing with insurance coverage of contraception and abortions.

From the state Capitol, I'm Wes Duplantier.

The state House of Representatives could have a new leader when it convenes for Wednesday's veto session.
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Wrap: The previous speaker, Republican Steven Tilley, resigned last month. And Speaker Pro Tem Shane Schoeller has said electing a new leader will be one of the first things the House does.

Schoeller is the Republican nominee for Secretary of State and is leaving the House.

Republicans already had picked their Floor Leader, St. Louis County's Tim Jones, to take Tilley's spot.

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Description: House Majority Leader Tim Jones was confident about his prospects for being elected Speaker of the House at next Wednesday's veto session.

Jones said the House should have a leader in the veto session who will come back for the spring session.

From the state Capitol, I'm Wes Duplantier.

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