Missouri House committee passes Senate bill to expand workers' compensation
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Missouri House committee passes Senate bill to expand workers' compensation

Date: February 27, 2012
By: Joe Chiodo
State Capitol Bureau

Workers' compensation is one step closer to revision after a Missouri House Committee approved a bill imposing restrictions on workers suing employers.
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Wrap: State representatives joined the Senate in approving a bill expanding the limits on employer liability for workplace injuries.

Occupational diseases, including those caused by toxic exposure, would be placed under workers' comp--making it more difficult for employees covered by the legislation to sue.

Republican Senator Tom Dempsey, of St. Charles, says the 2005 revision to workers' comp laws caused problems.

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Description: "Prior to 2005, we didn't have a problem with occupational disease and co-employee liability, but when we went to strict interpretation we weren't exact enough in how we developed the legislation."

The Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys opposed the bill, saying employees have the constitutional right to sue their colleagues for work related injuries.

The bill now moves to the House floor.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Joe Chiodo.

A Missouri House committee joined the Senate in approving legislation expanding the limits on employee liability for workplace injuries.
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Wrap: After weeks of workers' compensation debate, Representatives are giving approval to a bill imposing tighter restrictions on workers suing their employers. 

The bill places occupational diseases, including those caused by toxic exposure, under Workers' Comp--limiting employer liability.

President of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, Phillip Hess, says the bill unfairly delays employee rights.

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Description: "This is delaying someone's absolute, known, constitutional rights--it's expensive, it will prevent people from getting the medical care they need, they won't be able to go through circuit court until they have gone through this hoop."

Bill Sponsor Senator Tom Dempsey of St. Charles says if the bill is enacted it will decrease problems caused by the 2005 revision of Worker's comp laws.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Joe Chiodo


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