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Candidates for Missouri Governor

By: Matthew Patane and Jordan Shapiro

Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon

David (Dave) Spence

Jim Higgins

Age: 56 54 64
Family: He is married to Georgeanne Nixon. They have two sons. Married to Suzie Spence. They have four children. Married to LaDonna Higgins. They have two children.
Education: Bachelor's degree in political science, MU, 1978; Juris Doctorate, MU, 1981. Bachelor’s degree in home economics from MU, 1981. Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Ohio University, 1971
Job History: First elected to the Missouri Senate in 1986. Became the state's Attorney General in 1992 and served until elected Governor in 2008. Former president of Alpha Packaging and chairman of Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging. Computer systems analyst
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