Missouri Representative announces efforts to work on a new Second Amendment bill.
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Missouri Representative announces efforts to work on a new Second Amendment bill.

Date: September 23, 2013
By: Jessica Mensch
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 436

A Missouri gun bill challenging federal laws may have failed in the veto override, but the fight to pass a Second Amendment bill is far from over.
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Wrap: Amid the country's ongoing gun law debate,one Missouri official is taking matters into his own hands.

Representative Doug Funderburk announced plans to work on a new Second Amendment Bill with the help of Senate Leaders.

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Description: "The majority of members of the Missouri Legislature support the underlying concepts of the bill. Now we have to find out where those few concerns are and get those addressed in a new bill."

Despite the original bill gaining international attention for the disputes it raised against federal laws, Funderburk is convinced the new draft will pass.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Jessica Mensch.


Members of the Missouri legislature plan to take another shot at passing new gun laws.
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Wrap: Despite the failure of the gun legislative override, one Missouri official says plans are already underway to draft a new bill.

Representative Doug Funderburk says he'll lead efforts for drafting of a new Second Amendment bill.

He is not sure what differences the new bill will have.

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Description: "Until I know until someone gives me a list of what are the changes they want to see I really don't know what those changes will be. I was happy with the bill as it was written."

Funderburk is not worried about public concerns raised over the original bill nullifying federal laws.

He says the legislature agrees with the underlying themes of the bill.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Jessica Mensch.

Missouri's fight for increased gun rights has not been shot down completely
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Wrap: Missouri is not giving up on passing legislation aiming to expand gun rights.

Lawmakers failed to override the veto of a similar bill earlier this month, but Representative Doug Funderburk says he'll draft a new bill.

He credits the failure of the previous bill to Attorney General Chris Koster.

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Description: "He really scared the living heck out of law enforcement across the state of Missouri. So, you know, a bill he had on his desk for nine months all of the sudden became a critical mass, extremely disastrous bill a week before the vote. And he knew what he was doing."

Funderburk says he thinks most lawmakers will agree with the new legislation.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Jessica Mensch.

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