Nixon On Board with Bond Proposal
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Nixon On Board with Bond Proposal

Date: January 28, 2013
By: Nick Thompson
State Capitol Bureau
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Prior to the state of the state, Governor Jay Nixon lended his support to the idea of borrowing millions to fund state projects with a bond issue.
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Wrap: After the state recently paid off a thirty year old bond issue, Governor Jay Nixon is ready to borrow in a big way again.  

Nixon says he wants to focus on improving k-12 and higher education facilities, the Fulton state hospital, and other facilities like state parks.

To pay for it, Nixon says the legislature will have to scale back tax credits.

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Description: "In order to have the resources necessary to do the important public policy things we're gonna do as well as meet those obligations we are going to have to get tax credit reforms."

Republican House Speaker Tim Jones has appointed Columbia Democratic representative Chris Kelly to lead a committee to look into it and Jones says he will work in a bi-partisan fashion to see the proposal through.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Nick Thompson.

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