Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services' plan for Ebola
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Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services' plan for Ebola

Date: October 1, 2014
By: Katie Hynes
State Capitol Bureau

The director of the Missouri Health Department refused to respond to repeated requestes about Ebola.
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Wrap: A spokesman for the department Ryan Hobart was available for comment.  

Hobart said if a patient in Missouri tested positive for Ebola, the patients physician and the Department of Health would work with the Centers for Disease Control to make sure the proper procedures for isolation and treatment were being followed.

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Description: "As, as with anything if people, if people are feeling they might have any kind of illness and feeling like they need to go see their physician that's what they should do. That physician can examine them and determine what kind of symptoms they're having and if needed get testing done through the CDC."

Hobart did not comment on the possibility of Ebola spreading from Texas.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Katie Hynes.

A spokesman for the Missouri Health Department says they will not change procedures regarding Ebola in light of a patient being treated for the disease in Dallas.  
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Wrap: The director of the Department of Health could not be reached for comment.

Department spokesman Ryan Hobart said if Ebola was to come to Missouri the department would work with and follow all procedures set forth by the CDC.  

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Description: "Anybody who feels they might have the travel history or feels symptoms of this, should get in touch with a, healthcare provider as soon as possible to have them be examined and they can look at symptoms and, if needed, work with the CDC to get that testing done."

Hobart said the procedures they would follow pertain to isolation and treatment.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Katie Hynes.  

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