"Dummies" would be at the 'head of the line' for school choice
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"Dummies" would be at the 'head of the line' for school choice

Date: February 26, 2014
By: Jeffrey Militzer
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SB 493

Lowest achieving students would be at the head of the line in transferring out of unaccredited schools.
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Wrap: The most struggling of students would be given the priority for their choice of school district if their current school district is unaccredited in an amendment to a measure debated by the Senate.

St. Louis County Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal says this whole measure is about education reform.

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Description: "This whole conversation is about the children who are most in need and giving them options."

On the other side, a Republican Sentaor wondered why we would reward under-achievers over other students. 

The provision was included in a broader bill involving unaccredited schools.

Reporting from the Capital, I'm Jeffrey Militzer.

Missouri's Senate voted to give the lowest achievers the first pick of schools.
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Wrap: Students with the lowest level of schoolastic achievement would be at the top of the line for their school of choice if a measure passes.

St. Joseph Senator Rob Schaaf disagrees with giving struggling students the priority pick of schools.

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Description: "Why are we rewarding the low-achieving student? I mean, is the student low achieving for sure not within the student's control?"

But the sponsor of the idea said the lowest performing students are the ones with the greatest need.

The head of the line would apply to students who want transfer out of uncredited schools.

Reporting from the Capital, I'm Jeffrey Militzer.

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