A Missouri Supreme Court case debates police authority
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A Missouri Supreme Court case debates police authority

Date: September 3, 2014
By: Nicole Shaddy
State Capitol Bureau

The Missouri's attorney general's office defended the conviction of a St. Charles County police officer Wednesday for excessive force.
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Wrap: St. Charles County Deputy Sheriff Christopher Hunt appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court after his assault, burglary and property damage conviction in 2012.

These charges came after an incident in 2009 when Hunt arrested a suspected meth dealer.

Assitant Attorney General Shaun Mackelprang said this calls into question the privileges and authorities of police officers. 

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Description: "They're not that different from regular citizens who are not law enforcement officers because most everybody knows that you don't just get to barge into anybody's house that you have a fancy to barge into."

But Hunt's attorney said an arrest warrant granted him authority in this case.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Nicole Shaddy.

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