Representative calls out governor for bill veto
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Representative calls out governor for bill veto

Date: September 8, 2014
By: Nicole Shaddy
State Capitol Bureau

A veto override on Wednesday would mean changes for the Missouri e-cigarette industry.
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Wrap:  An e-cigarette bill would prohibit the sale of alternative nicotine and vapor products to minors.

It also contains a provision that would restrict these products from being regulated as traditional tobacco products.

Columbia Republican Representative Caleb Rowden says the governor's veto of the bill is purely political.

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Description: "The governor decided to engage in a blatantly political game and in doing so, you know, potentially harmed and endangered minors in Missouri, and that's unfortunate."

Governor Nixon wrote in his July veto message the bill harms Missourians because of the regulation provision.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Nicole Shaddy.

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