Turkey shortages are not a problem in Missouri
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Turkey shortages are not a problem in Missouri

Date: November 17, 2014
By: Katie Hynes
State Capitol Bureau

Although there is currently a shortage of turkeys, one Missouri farm organization says turkeys for this Thanksgiving are still available for the holiday.
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Wrap: The Missouri Farm Bureau's Promotions and Education Director Diane Olson says although the number of turkeys in Missouri have reduced, it will not affect this year's turkey dinner.

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Description:  "I think the issue is that many of the flocks have been reduced over the past few years. Although there's a large number available this year, it may be subsequent years that we see any, any trending down."

Turkey farmers have reduced their flock due to an increase in feed and transportation prices.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Katie Hynes.   

According to a director of one Missouri farm organization, the shortage of turkeys will not be causing prices to rise for Thanksgiving dinner.
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Wrap: Director of Promotions for the Missouri Farm Bureau Diane Olson says the prices for this year's holiday are reasonable.    

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Description: "Well, when we looked statewide at our turkey prices in Missouri, what we found was that turkey prices were really very reasonable ranging from 78 cents a pound to one dollar 69 cents a pound."

Olson also says the reduced number of turkeys will affect Thanksgiving prices in the future.

This is because many Thanksgiving turkeys are frozen for up to a year before they are sold to the public.

The increase in feed and transportation prices has caused turkey farmers reduce their flock.  

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Katie Hynes.

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