Residents plead to out the governor because they do not have representation
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Residents plead to out the governor because they do not have representation

Date: April 30, 2014
By: John Zupon
State Capitol Bureau

Residents and representatives alike want the governor to be held accountable for not filling vacant House seats. 
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Wrap: One week after the House Judiciary Committee heard a impeachment resolution from Representative Nick Marshall, they heard two more.

Republican Representative Mike Moon from Lawrence County presented his resolution because there are seats in the house and Senate that are not filled.

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Description: When people come together to determine laws, and that is what we are doing, it should be for the good of the whole. In order for this to work, the people must have a voice.

Republican Chairman Representative Stanley Cox from Sedalia says all three of these claims are serious.

He has not made a decision if the committee will vote to send them to the House floor.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm John Zupon.

Unrepresented Missouri citizens tell lawmakers they need a voice, and it is the governors fault they do not have one.
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Wrap: The House Judiciary Committee heard three resolutions of impeachment for Governor Nixon, one of which deals with Nixon not filling vacant seats in the statehouse.

Pamela Grow from the 120th district, which does not currently have a representative, says the governor has had many opportunities to fill the seat but has done nothing.

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Description: The regular legislative session during which laws are passed that we will have to live under and obey is rapidly coming to an end, and we have no representative.

Republican Chairman Representative Stanley Cox from Sedalia says the committee does not want to vote on the resolutions.

However he says the allegations are serious enough that they might need to.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm John Zupon

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