ACLU of Missouri criticizes MU's Police Department
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ACLU of Missouri criticizes MU's Police Department

Date: November 10, 2015
By: Nicole Shaddy
State Capitol Bureau

The ACLU of Missouri criticized MU's Police Department for requesting people report hurtful and hateful speech.
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Wrap: The ACLU of Missouri's statement criticizing MUPD came just hours after the department sent a mass university e-mail, asking people to report hurtful and hateful speech witnessed on campus.

The e-mail said that, although cases of hurtful and hateful speech are not crimes, the university's Office of Student Conduct can take disciplinary action if a student is identified.

In part, the ACLU statement said, "no governmental entity has the authority to broadly prohibit 'hurtful' speech--or even undefined 'hateful' speech, or to discipline against it."

The statement also said MUPD's request addresses the symptoms, and not the causes, of institutional racism.


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