The Senate passed Missouri's next budget
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The Senate passed Missouri's next budget

Date: April 23, 2015
By: Krista Gmelich
State Capitol Bureau

The Senate approved the budget two weeks early forcing Governor Jay Nixon to take action sooner than usual.
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Wrap: The governor has until early May to veto any part of the 26 billion dollar budget.

Senator Kurt Schaefer says this leaves enough time for lawmakers to override any vetoes by their mid-May adjournment.

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Description: It's new territory, it's a new tool that was necessary to address basically the unprecedented things the governor was doing in the budget to make sure that his spending priorities - particularly on welfare - were prioritized over a lot of things the general assmebly wanted.

House Democrats issued a statement saying Republicans are rushing the process and aren't leaving the governor enough time to review the budget.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Krista Gmelich.

Republican leaders say they will need fewer votes to override any vetoes by Governor Jay Nixon on the budget.
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Wrap: Waiting until the fall to override a veto would require a two-thirds majority.

Since the budget was sent earlier than usual to the governor, lawmakers will have the opportunity to override any vetoes before their mid-May adjournment. 

Senator Tom Dempsey says the timing will make it easier to override vetoes.

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Description: Through Senator Schaefer's reading of the Constitution, it would require only a constitutional majority to override the governor during regular session.

The Republican argument that they will only need a majority becomes moot if they already have the two-thirds majority for a veto. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Krista Gmelich.


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