Gov. Nixon announces travel dates to Cuba
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Gov. Nixon announces travel dates to Cuba

Date: January 29, 2015
By: Katie Hynes
State Capitol Bureau

The same week that Cuba is undergoing trade negotiations with the U.S., Governor Nixon announces his travel dates to Cuba.
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Wrap: Governor Nixon has been attacked for creating plans for trading with the communist country.

Senator Rob Schaaf of St. Joesph's has questioned conducting business with a country controlled by a dictator and has a history of human rights violations.

Nixon says trading with Cuba will not only be beneficial to the state, but also to diplomatic relations.

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Description: "I just believe that the best way to have an open and peaceful world is to feed people and meet people. And this gives us an opportunity right here in the heartland to be a leader."

March first through fourth, Governor Nixon will travel to Havana.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Katie Hynes.

In less than five week Gov. Nixon will be traveling to Cuba to promote trade negotiations for Missouri.
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Wrap: Surrounded by agriculture leaders around the state, Governor Nixon discussed how trade with Cuba can lead to more jobs in Missouri.

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Description: "I mean the rule of thumb we use is for every billion dollars in trade it's about six thousand permanent jobs here at home."

Nixon emphasized the need for Missouri to be the first state to capitalize on possible trade with a market that is ninety miles away from the United States coastline.

Senator Rob Schaaf from St. Joseph's questions trading with a country controlled by a dictator with a record of human rights violations.

Nixon will be in Cuba from March first through the fourth.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Katie Hynes.

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