House passes next fiscal year's $2.6 billion budget
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House passes next fiscal year's $2.6 billion budget

Date: April 23, 2015
By: Chris Mathews
State Capitol Bureau

The House of Representatives passed fiscal year 2016's $26 billion budget Thursday, cutting Social Service funds while boosting K-12 education aid.
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Wrap: Weeks ahead of schedule, the House has passed Missouri's next $26 billion budget.

Among the most affected areas was K-12 education. Its general revenue funds were boosted by nearly $74 million.

However, not everyone was so lucky. Social Services received a $46 million budget cut, upsetting many Medicaid expansion supporters.

House Republican Leader Todd Richardson of Poplar Bluff supported the cuts, saying he was confident that there are better health care delivery systems.

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Description: "Every single session, we are faced with the difficulty of figuring out how we are going to pour more and more and more money into Social Services, and particularly, into Medicaid."

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Chris Mathews

The Missouri House of Representatives passed next year's $26 billion budget Thursday, increasing spending in K-12 education and mental health services.
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Wrap: After a long day of debate, Missouri's next budget was passed by the House Thursday, weeks ahead of schedule.

The $26 billion budget includes a major increase in K-12 education spending, to the tune of nearly $74 million.

In addition, mental health services are set to receive an increase of over $25 million in General Revenue funds. Republican Glen Kolkmeyer of Odessa praised the increase.

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Description: "Mental health is vital to our state. These are people who cannot take care of themselves."

Kolkmeyer said that a habilitation center is his district is the area's largest employer.  

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Chris Mathews.  

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