Bill allows farm land to be safe from peace disturbances
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Bill allows farm land to be safe from peace disturbances

Date: April 5, 2016
By: Riley Newton
State Capitol Bureau
Links: Farming, HB2368, peace disturbances

A bill is headed to the House floor that could give farmers a break from peace disturbances.
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Wrap: A bill passed out of committee Tuesday that exempts noisy and smelly land, like farms, from peace disturbances.

The bill was nicknamed "the rooster bill," by the bill's sponsor, Representative McGaugh, after a man was charged with a peace disturbance because his rooster would not stop crowing.

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Description: "I call it the rooster bill. The Missouri Farm Bureau brought this to me basically as urban areas kinda sprawl out to rural areas, munsiff peace disturbance ordnances effect farmers harvesting, creating loud noises, and odors," McGaugh said.

I'm Riley Newton, reporting from Jefferson City.



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