Senator calls Senate racist and sexist
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Senator calls Senate racist and sexist

Date: March 10, 2016
By: Riley Newton
State Capitol Bureau
Links: Filibuster, Missouri Senate, Chappell-Nadal

Tensions remain high in Missouri Senate after filibuster earlier this week.
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Wrap: Senator Chappell-Nadal from St. Louis County took aim at other senators on Thursday after a Senate journal amendment failed to pass.

The amendment was brought to the floor in attempt to edit the Senate journal from Wednesday to reflect the fact that Chappell-Nadal was not given the floor back after recess.

The Senator even went as far as to call other senators racist and sexist.

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Description: "Show them.. Don't be afraid to show that you are sexist or racist. Show your colors, wear your hoods. Wear your white hoods proudly. Wear them. We know the truth. We know what you say behind closed doors. You just made me invisible," Chappell- Nadal said.
Chappell-Nadel did not directly target any senator specifically.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Riley Newton.

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