Senate filibuster could jeopardize similar bill
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Senate filibuster could jeopardize similar bill

Date: March 8, 2016
By: Riley Newton
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SB 653, SJR 39

JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate-filibustered measure to allow discrimination against gay marriages is not the only gay-rights issue pending in the Senate

But the other measure, estblishing gay rights, has been bottled up by the Senates top leader- according to the bill's sponsor, Sen. Joseph Keaveny, D- St. Louis City.

The measure would add sexual orientation and gender orientation to the state's civil rights law.

The bill was approved by a Senate committee on Feburary 3rd, but as yet to reach the floor due to a republican super majority in the Senate.

On Monday, March 7th at 4:15, a bill on prohibits the state from penalizing clergy, religious organizations, and certain individuals for their religious beliefs concerning a same sex marriage entered a filibuster in the Senate. This means that individuals can not be penalized for denying service to a same sex couple for anything marriage related, such as wedding cakes and flowers.

On Tuesday the bill entered the longest continous filibuster Missouri Senate history. Following this, Keaveny says he fears that a republican controlled Senate will not put another LGBTQ rights bill on the floor for debate.

"I was hoping it would get to the floor sooner than now, with the current situation with the bill that we have here. I don't know if the president is going to give me any time on the bill or not. I was hoping he would, but things are not looking very optimistic right now," Keaveny said. 

Keaveny and his committee are unable to do anything else with the bill until the president pro tempt requests the bill.

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