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Each hour, MDN updates the story descriptions for the major news outlets across the state. Up to five separate pages can be searched or displayed - main news, state news, local news, political news and editorials.

Only categories for which a news outlet has a seperate page will have a search-option check box. For example, if an outlet does not have a seperate page for state news, that option will not be available for display of story descriptions.

Except for minor editing issues and length-limits, the actual description for a story link is NOT changed! Instead, the story descriptions are exactly what the news outlet used to describe the links for the stories.

Also, excluded will be links that do not actually call up specific stories -- such as a help page.

There are two ways you can do a search of the descriptions. For both, you must check one or more of the page boxes. The buttons at top listing news categories and the buttons on the left listing news outlets will check several boxes at once.

For example, clicking the Opinion button will check all the opinion-page boxes for the news outlets.

After selecting the categories and news outlets for which you wish to see the story descriptions. There are two search options:

Notes and Limitations