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Missouri Government News for Week of Oct. 14, 1996

Supreme Court knocks cost estimate off ballot description.

Missouri's Supreme Court ordered the cost estimate for the Congressional term limits ballot proposal to be removed from the ballot.

The description had been adopted by a legislative committee. But the state high court ruled the committee had no authority to put cost estimates on election ballots.

While the court's decision was limited to the term limit proposal, all the other statewide issues on the November ballot could be affect. For all of them have cost estimates written by the same joint committee.

A spokesman for the proposal to raise the minimum wage said they would ask the court to remove that proposal's cost estimate from the ballot.

The legislative committee estimated the higher minimum wage would cost state and local governments more than $100 million -- which opponents had made a major issue in their arguments against the proposal.

Spectacular fall predicted for Missouri

If the weather holds, Missouri's Conservation Department is predicting a colorful display for Missouri trees.

The Conservation Department's forest information specialist says the colors should remain until the first heavy rain.

For more information, see our radio story.

Another term limit proposal rejected for the November ballot.

The Cole County circuit court turned down a lawsuit seeking to put a second term-limit proposal on the November ballot.

Already on the ballot is a proposal that would require that in future elections, the ballot indicate whether each candidate for a congressional seat supports term limits on members of Congress.

The proposal rejected by the circuit court would require a similar ballot indication as to whether each state legislative candidate supported or opposed congressional term limits.

Earlier, the Secretary of State had announced that the proposal's supporters had failed to get enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

But the issue is not completely resolved. The attorney for the proposal's supporters indicated he probably would appeal the decision to the state supreme court.

Gingrich uses Mo. trip to attack Clinton's campaign contributions.

While GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole has been relatively mild in his attacks against Bill Clinton, the U.S. House Speaker took a quite different approach during a campaign tour in Missouri.

At a mid-Missouri fund raiser for a GOP congressional candidate Friday, Newt Gingrich attacked Clinton for his drug policies and for acceptance of a foreign campaign contribution.

For more details, see our radio story.