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Missouri Government News for Week of Nov. 15, 1999

Lawmakers deny legislative push for tenure review

Three top budget and education lawmakers said Thursday that there is no impending legislative push for post-tenure review at the University of Missouri system.

Last week, UM System President Manuel Pacheco said he wanted to institute such a plan in order to "head off some imposition and let us decide what's reasonable."

But lawmakers said they were not aware of overwhelming support for the legislature to impose post-tenure review.

See our newspaper story for details.

Hepatitis A recommendations made by Center for Disease Control

The Center for Disease Control report recommends that Missouri consider vaccinations of school aged children.

The report says Missouri has nearly twice the national average of cases of hepatitis A.

For more details see our newspaper story and package of radio stories.

Gubernatorial candidates disagree over design of quarter

Missouri's leading candidates for governor have different ideas about what should appear on the U.S. Mint's Missouri quarter when it is released in 2003.

Republican Jim Talent favors historical figures on the coin, while Democrat Bob Holden thinks the design should be of a natural origin.

See our radio story for details.

Missouri Farmers Would Benefit if China Joins World Trade Organization

Allowing China into the World Trade Organization (WTO) would mean a major boost for Missouri farmers.

Later this month, the WTO will hold a meeting in Seattle to discuss the membership of China. If China is approved, Missouri's Chamber of Commerce say Missouri farmers could export close to three times as much as they do now, which is 150-million dollars.

See our radio story for details.

Deer Season a Disappointment So Far

After the opening weekend of Missouri's deer season, the number of deer kills is down 15 per cent.

Bill Heatherly, of the Department of Wildlife, says 94,000 deer were killed last weekend. He says the warm weather is partly to blame for the numbers.

A cold front expected to move through Missouri this weekend may raise those numbers.

See our radio story for details.

Missouri taxpayers would get a bigger Hancock tax refund under a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

One of Missouri's leading business organizations along with a couple of lawmakers have filed suit claiming the state owes more than $100 million in additional Hancock tax refunds.

The lawsuit is based on the formula used to calculate the state's revenue limit that is set in the state constitution's Hancock Amendment.

See our package of radio stories and our newspaper story for more details.

State Senator proposes toll roads in Missouri

Sen. Danny Staples, D-Eminence, announced to a joint interim hearing Tuesday that he will sponsor legislation that would bring toll roads to Missouri.

If approved by the legislature, the proposal would be placed on the ballot for voters to decide.

Although Staples was supported in his proposal by the director of the transportation department, other lawmakers said they were wary that the public would approve of turning state roads into tollways.

See our newspaper story for complete details.

Judge's Ruling Forces Planned Parenthood to Pay Back Missouri Tax Payers

Cole County Circuit Judge Byron Kinder has ruled that Planned Parenthood must return family-planning funds it received from the state.

Kinder ruled that the Health Department's decision to provide funds to the organization violated a legislative ban on providing family-planning money to organizations that provide or promote abortions.

Planned Parenthood promptly announced it would appeal the decision.

See our newspaper story for details. Also see our package of radio stories.