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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for the Week of March 13, 2006

. A party-line vote splits the House on the state's welfare budget. (03/16/06)

JEFFERSON CITY - By a near party-line vote, Missouri's House passed it's version of the state's welfare budget, including Medicaid that provides health coverage for the lower income.

Although the House Budget Committee had approved restoration of some cuts made last year, Democrats complained it was not enough.

A few Republicans joined Democrats in voting against the budget package that now goes to the Senate.

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    . House Republican and self-described death penalty proponent calls for moratorium (03/16/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Rep. Bill Deeken, R-Jefferson City, has proposed legislation that would put a halt to executions in the state until 2010.

    The bill proposes that a commission of legislators, attorneys and family members of both victims and criminals on death row studies how the penalty is applied.

    . Missouri's Senate sends the House a bill to eliminate campaign contribution limits. (03/16/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate passed the measure by an overwhemling margin -- with just three negative votes.

    In addition to removing limits on contributions from individuals, the measure toughens requirements on disclosure of both campaign finances and lobbyist expenditures.

    Supporters said the current contribution limits were not working and that stronger reporting requirements for campaigns for would be more effect.

    The proposal, which now goes to the House, also would prohibit fund raising for legislative campaigns during legislative sessions.

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    . Republicans dominate votes on health care appropriation bills (03/15/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri House voted on several health care and welfare appropriations bills on Wednesday.

    Democrats were seeking to restore some of the money cut from the Medicaid budget last year, but Republicans stifled their efforts.

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    . Rennick just missed cut-off for tornado siren grants (03/15/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The town of Rennick lost four residents in Sunday's tornados.

    Mayor Darren Barfield says Rennick deserves sirens which could save lives.

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    . One Missouri lawmaker wants contributions to candidates to end. (03/15/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - St. Joseph Charlie Shields is proposing a bill that would prohibit candidates for the House, Senate, or another statewide office from receiving contributions during a legislative session.

    But St. Louis County Senator Tim Green wants to make sure those candidates are paying their taxes.

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    . Senator Jason Cauthorn says Missouri has an excellent prevention program against Mad Cow Disease (03/15/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Senator Cauthorn says Missouri is doing all it can to protect the state's food supply from Mad Cow Disease.

    The state implemented testing programs on older cattle that are prone to the disease, so far the testing results have been negative.

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    . Senate Democrats filibuster a voting ID bill. (03/15/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's Senate went into a marathon session that did not adjourn until 1am, after closed-door negotations by Senators failed to reach agreement on the voter identification bill.

    The measure, pushed by Republicans, would require a photo ID inorder to vote -- effective this year.

    Democrats filibustered the bill arguing it was an effort to help the re-election campaign of U.S. Sen. Jim Talent.

    Democrats said any photo ID requirment should be phased in over the next couple of years.

    . A House vote tested support for the governor's plan to sell MOHELA assets (03/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's govenor won a key test vote on his plans to sell a portion of the state's college loan program.

    By near party-line votes, the House defeated amendments that would have eliminated use of the funds raised from the loan-program sale to repay state debt.

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    . Gov. Blunt Requests Expedited Federal Funds (03/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Blunt spoke with the president Tuesday asking for federal money to help deal with the damages incurred by the weekend's severe weather.

    The amount of damage caused over the weekend has yet to be deterimed.

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    . Missouri Cattlemen have an answer for Mad Cow Disease in Missouri (03/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Mad Cow Disease study reveals low results in the nation's cattle herds.

    If Mad cow disease comes to Missouri, a prevention plan is in place to deal with the disease.

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    . Democrats filibutster voter ID requirement (03/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - A bill requiring Missouri voters to present valid identification does not have the approval of Senate Democrats.

    Since the Democrats cannot defeat the bill by a vote, the filibuster with either succeed by removing a vote on the fill, of the filibuster will fail, and the bill will come to a vote.

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    . Prescription Drugs Online (03/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - A new bill would make the price of the 50 most commonly prescribed medicines avaliable for comparison online.

    The Web site could be up and running as soon as next year.

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    . Bill is introduced as the next stage of solving Medicaid fraud begins (03/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Throughout the first two months of the 2006 legislative session, the Special Committee to Investigate Medicaid Fraud held three extensive informational meetings packed with expert testimony in their effort to formulate a plan to root out waste, fraud, and abuse in Missouri's Medicaid system.

    The committee's chairman, Sen. Chris Koster, R-Harrisonville, has released SB 1210, a bill that is the result of those earlier sessions.

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    . Opponents testify against Eminent Domain Tuesday (03/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Opponents of Eminent Domain gathered to testify against a new House bill.

    The bill would ban the use of eminent domain solely for economic developement.

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    . House committee looks at eminent domain bill (03/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The House Judicary Committee looked at a bill that would craft new perimeters around the use of eminent domain in Missouri.

    The bill is sponsored by Rep. Steve Hobbs, R-Mexico and co-sponsored by House Speaker Rod Jetton.

    . Bill aims to reform campaign contribution laws and crack down on lobbyists. (03/13/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Senator Charlie Shields, R-St. Joseph, is proposing the legislation.

    The bill would ban contributions during the legislative session and limit gifts from lobbyists.

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    . SEMA asking President Bush for aid (03/13/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The State Emergency Management Agency has asked the White House for assistance after tornadoes ripped through Missouri over the weekend. SEMA director Ronald Reynolds says the response to the request takes about 24 hours.

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    . Small town hit hard by tornado (03/13/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - A tornado killed four and injured 26 in the town of Renick, which is 35 miles north of Columbia.

    Town leaders say they had no warning. They say they've tried for years to get funding for a siren system.

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    . Governor Blunt authorizes National Guard to assist in tornado recovery efforts. (03/13/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Blunt issued an executive order on Monday.

    SEMA can now request assistance from the National Guard in areas hit by tornadoes.

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