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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for the Week of November 6, 2006

. The fight continues for opponents of Amendment 2 (11/08/2006)

Despite the passage of the Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative Tuesday, representatives from organizations in opposition of the initiative say that their fight is still not over.  

According to representatives from Missouri Catholic Conference, Missouri Right to Life, and Missourians Against Human Cloning How, how they plan to implement this "fight" is still unsure.   

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. Salary commission looks ahead after passage of Amendment 7 (11/08/2006)

The commission that sets pay raises for Missouri's elected state officials and judges could start meeting immediately, a spokesperson for Gov. Blunt said Wednesday.

The commission has not met since 2000, but with the overwhelming passage of Amendment 7 Tuesday night, interest has renewed.

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. Clair McCaskill wins Missouri's Senate race. (11/08/2006)

Two years after losing her race for governor, Missouri's state auditor won her Senate race in a narrow victory over incumbent Republican Jim Talent.

Talent conceded defeat late Tuesday night and called McCaskill to congratulate her.

Throughout the campaign, polls consistently had shown McCaskill and Talent in a statical dead heat with numbers that never exceeded the margin of error.

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  • . Republicans retain control of Missouri's legislature (11/08/2006)

    Missouri Republicans lost some seats, but not enough to lose control of the state legislature.

    The lost about one-half dozen seats in the House and two seats in the Senate.

    Going into the election, even Democrats agreed they would not be able to capture control of either chamber of the General Assembly.

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  • . Susan Montee wins state auditor's race (11/08/2006)

    Republican Sandra Thomas conceded the election just a few minutes after midnight on Wednesday morning.

    A spokesperson for Susan Montee said that she is the first person from Buchanan County to be elected to state office in 120 years.

    . Voters approve two changes to Missouri Constitution (11/08/2006)

    As of late Tuesday night, Missouri voters passed two amendments to the state Constitution. Amendment 7, which restricts the power of the General Assembly to reject automatic pay raises, passed overwhelmingly. But one state senator says voters did not understand what they were voting for.

    Voters also approved to include veterans' organizations as "purely charitable" organizations. Amendment 6 exempts veterans' organizations from paying property taxes.

    Voters rejected a tobacco tax increase that would have pumped additional money into the state's Medicaid program.  It is the second time in recent years Missouri voters have rejected a tobacco tax increase. 

    By early Wednesday morning, the stem-cell research proposal was leading narrowly.  Constitutional Amendment 2 would create a constitutional right to pursue stem-cell research.  More than $30 million had been spent in support of the proposal -- setting a record for ballot-issue expenditures in Missouri.

    . Missouri's leading stem-cell research opponent suggests another legislative fight. (11/07/2006)

    Sen. Matt Bartle says if Missourians reject the proposal to create a constitutional right for stem cell research, he'll renew his legislative efforts to restrict stem cell research.

    In 2005, the Jackson County Republican had sponsored legislation to ban some forms of stem cell research.  A Senate vote, however, was blocked by a GOP filibuster.  In addition, the governor's office warned that Matt Blunt would veto the measure if it cleared the legislature.

    . The attorney general attacks the state takeover of a gambling casino. (11/06/2006)

    Attorney General Jay Nixon criticized the Gaming Commission's decision to take over operation of a riverboat gambling operation in southeast Missouri.

    The commission approved the takeover to assure continued operation of the casino until the new owner can get a gambling license.

    In a letter to the governor, Nixon called the decision a "perversion" of the commission's law enforcement and regulatory functions.

    . Missouri's Secretary of State faces a photo ID requirement. (11/06/2006)

    The Associated Press reported Monday that Robin Carnahan was asked for a photo ID for absentee ballot -- despite the Missouri Supreme Court decision striking down the photo ID law.

    Carnahan told AP she was asked three times for a photo ID, despite the state's chief election official explaining to the election official that a photo ID was not required.

    . Republicans determined to finish strong before midterm elections (11/06/2006)

    With time winding down before the Missouri midterm elections, the Missouri Republicans tried hard to finish their voter outreach campaign. 

    While volunteers focused on spreading Republican stances, just getting people out to vote became more important as time went on.

    . The Secretary of State's Communication Director says voting should go smoothly. (11/06/2006)

    Some voters will see new equipment in the voting booths. 

    New touch screen machines will help people with disabilities.

    People could see longer lines, not because of new machines, but because of the no straight ticket voting law.

    . Democrat Party optimistic about results of election says party spokesperson. (11/06/2006)

    With the election nearing Missouri Democratic Party spokesperson, Jack Cardetti, says grass root efforts are paying off.

    He says the parties thousands of volunteers will now focus on getting voters to the polls instead of campaign issues.

    Cardetti points out the parties three main goals in the upcoming election.