Senator Joan Bray questions Governor's reaction to harrassment case.
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Senator Joan Bray questions Governor's reaction to harrassment case.

Date: February 26, 2007
By: Amy Becker
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: . Democratic Senator Joan Bray along with five other female democrat legislators drafted a letter to the Governor's office about the way the sexual harrassment case involving the Director of the Department of Agriculture was handled.

Amy Becker has more from Jefferson City.

Senator Bray admits her disgust at the way Governor Blunt handled the sexual harrassment case in the Department of Agriculture

The Governor not only reinstated the Director after his two week suspension, he also offered $70,000 of settlement money to the woman filing the suit against the Director.

Bray says if the woman had not refused the settlement money, the Director would still be in office.

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Description: There was some real efforts to cover this up and to do this differently and maybe because this was at the director level.

The Director resigned Monday at the request of the Governor.

From the state Capitol, I'm Amy Becker.



Governor Blunt's attempts at keeping a sexual harrassment case secret prompted six female legislators to send a letter to his office. 

Amy Becker has more from the state Capitol.

Democrat Senator Joan Bray signed the letter and says she can not understand why the Governor tried so hard to keep the harrassment report from public access.

Bray says she was appalled by the handling of the case and the fact that the Director was reinstated to his position.

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Description: The fact that the Governor had known this for months and yet this Director has maintained and been reinstated to his job, was shocking to me.



Bray says she expects the Governor to publicly explain the reason for his actions.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Amy Becker.