Secretary of State Biographies
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Secretary of State Biographies

Date: October 6, 2008
By: Valerie Insinna and Sarah D. Wire
State Capitol Bureau

Mitch Hubbard

Mitch Hubbard

Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan

Wes Upchurch

Wes Upchurch

Denise Neely
Constitution Party

Denise Neely

Profiles: Get It Get It Get It Get It
Web Site:
Age: 35 47 21 Did not disclose on web site.

wife: Denise

husband: Juan Carlos

None husband, four sons and four grandchildren

B.S in educations from Central Missouri State University

J.D. from University of Missouri-Kansas City

Did not disclose date of graduation on web site

1983: B.A. in Economics from William Jewell College

1986: J.D. from University of Virginia School of Law

Bachelor of General Studies-ITT-Memphis, TN and Columbia College

Certified Web Master

Did not disclose on web site.

Job History Did not disclose former employers and positions on web site.

Practiced business law at St. Louis law firm Thompson and Mitchell

1990: National Democratic Institute

2005-present: Mo. Secretary of State

Representative for Columbia's Internet Citizens Advisory Group.

Internet design and business development professional with Fläkt Woods' Missouri subsidiary, SEMCO in Columbia.

Variety of sales experience, from telephone book advertising to boats and real estate

Currently, a homemaker

Key Issues:

Voter Identification: Supports Voter I.D. law and states he would work with senior citizens, citizens with disabilities, and the poor to help them obtain I.D.

Government Ethics: Will order an audit of to determine where the office is spending too much money.

Voter Identification: Supports having citizens identify themselves at the polls but says requiring I.D. will disenfranchise some senior citizens, citizens with disabilities, and the poor.

Fraud Protection: Created the Missouri Investment Protection Center to provide information about making investments.


Voter Identification: Wants Mo. to require state-issued I.D. Said the state government would provide I.D. for no charge to poor citizens who cannot afford it.

Ballot Issues: Supports reducing the number of signatures needed  to create a ballot initiative


Government Accountability: Says important to enforce the laws of Missouri and the U.S. instead of picking and choosing what to enforce.

Voting Laws: Would enforce laws pertaining to voting in Missouri, citing the 2004 presidential election where St. Louis was keeping its polling places open longer than allowed by law.


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